Love Month!

Love Month!


It is 6 days into February and it is never too late to wish everyone a happy month. February as you know comes with it’s own challenges and looking at my calendar it seems that the famous 14th will be on a weekday. A Tuesday! This is when you find way too much red all over the place. From flowers, to women painting the city red and red ribbons everywhere. Everything is just red.

The down side is that some relationships end just before valentines and pick up right after. Everyone seems to have their own ideas of what and how valentines should be celebrated.


The truth is that love should be celebrated every month. Buying gifts for your loved ones should not only be expressed in just this one day but every day. However, since we are in the lover’s month, enjoy the flowers, red roses and chocolates. It is the one day that you should not be hiding under your bed. Be creative, and do something fun. Remember, chocolates are great but getting your waistline back in shape is hard work. Enjoy!!!!!

Feb is here


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