Nairobi Safari Club Valentine’s Dinner

Nairobi Safari Club Valentine's Dinner


As the clock ticks its way into valentines, many have made different plans for this special day and others well are still thinking. The fact that it is on a weekday is not stopping many from doing something special and i bet you someone will be getting engaged.

I had a chance to sample the Nairobi Safari Club Valentine dinner menu. I must say it was interesting and I did not think that I would get full with such small portions of food. I think the soup is what did the trick.

For starters, I had cream of butternut squash soup which I had with some bread. It is meant to have garnished garlic bruschetta dumplings and a rocket of Parmesan crepe. I chose not to have the garlic part, even if it keeps vampires a way. Not crazy about it. Am also not a huge fan of soup when a meal is about to follow. I always tend to avoid it. Sometimes it is just how it looks that just makes me move along.




The soup surprisingly was looking good and was delicious. The flavors were well balanced and the salt was just right. I finished the soup without touching the bread as it was slightly thick but I managed to finish it.

The alternative to this would be Essence of Chicken Consomme which is basically chicken soup with what looked like Chicken livers floating. It is a lot lighter than the first soup and looks perfect for a cold evening.

The other starters where Smoked Salmon rose on a baby capers and horseradish cream. This was lovely plated. Each Chef has their own way of interpreting their food art which makes them unique. The Chef came out with two different samples of the same dish both which were equally lovely. I just ate the salmon since I love salmon. The salmon used is imported from Norway.




If you are not into Salmon, you would not be left out as the alternative starter would be Stuffer vegetable Calamari basil vinaigrette. They looked like boiled egg whites and the stuffing for some reason I thought would be salty however, it was just fine. It comes with a garnish of lemon, lettuce and a beautiful tomato curved as a rose. Why would you not want to propose with that!


One of the main dishes will be served will be Diamond of beef fillet crusted with tomatoes, wild mushrooms and olive duxelle, set on a fine thyme gravy, accompanied by baby potatoes in a Yorkshire basket and medley of vegetables. You can also choose how you want your meat. when i first saw this i thought, are they serving Mutura ( Kenyan Sausage) wrapped around meat? i wondered. But it is not Mututa.




The alternative to this was the Seared shortland twice baked red snapper on creamed spinach and asparagus, roast shallots and mustard sauce. This is what I had and enjoyed. The fish was moist and not dry and went well with the spinach which was not over cooked. I noticed the top part of the fish was crunchy and had been well seasoned. Defiantly like my choice and had no regrets.





By the time I was getting to the dessert I was completely satisfied. I needed a few minutes before I could touch or even think of opening my mouth. But when it came out I know my waistline was out of the window. Cannelloni of Chocolate and pistachio accompanied by raspberry delice with herbal tea, or coffee etc. Again well plated and sweet. If you have a sweet tooth or do not mind the sweetness.




This menu was designed and prepared by Chef Alphas Anyange and his team.


A very happy bunch!

Happy Valentines and have a blessed week!


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