A Taste of Tamambo

A Taste of Tamambo


When two chefs get together, art is possible but they must be on the same page otherwise i am not sure if art will be created. This is what i found at Tamarind situated in Nairobi’s leafy suburb of Karen. I remember a while back Tamambo used to be in Westlands at the Mall. The beauty about the new location is that there is a garden which you can enjoy as you peacefully have your meal.

Tamambo has recently changed their menu and have a number of new and exciting dishes that will leave you wanting more. Their lunch menu has a rich variety and also very colorful. From time to time  this menu is changed and new dishes are created which have a touch of Kenya but also have been infused with other cultures such as Japan, Mediterranean  etc

 Every item on the menu is first tasted and tried before it can be released to the public.  If the testers  like it, then we are bound to like it as well.

 As for dinner the Tamarind restaurant which is also in the same space is a seafood heaven for the sea food lovers. All their seafood is flown in fresh from Mombasa and it is amazing.

Chef Mulei and Chef Mugo take me through their creations which were very filling and had my tongue doing somersaults. I did have my favorite which was not only moist but amazingly flavored.


For starters i had  crab cornet which was crab mixed with mango, salsa, cucumber, mayonnaise and wrapped in dried  seaweed. This came with horseradish sauce. This honestly made me want to ask if they have sushi. The crab was well seasoned and the mango just brought in some sweetness to the flavor.


The duck money bags was the second starter. This looked so pretty and well packaged. It felt  like if you opened it , you would find a gift inside. Well you would find something except it is duck. The thin layers of filo pastry were just smoothly falling to the side to reveal the vegetables of peppers and duck confit. This looked like it had taken a lot of effort to get right and you just cannot help but appreciate as you eat. The duck was also well seasoned and moist. And also baked which made it  healthy as it was not fried. I liked the fact that the filo pasty was golden brown and easy to cut through. No fights required. It was however quite filling and they come as a pair.

The Salmon Miso, was a main meal which was grilled. This Salmon was made for this dish.  It had Miso paste which is soya beans paste with lime, olive oil and of course chef’s secret ingredients and this was used to marinate the salmon which is then baked. This is served with mashed potatoes and if you do not want this with mash then there are other options available from rice, french fries, vegetables however Chef Mulei says  that the best option for this meal is the smoked rootmash( mashed potatoes,  cassava and  yams  )  as it pairs very well with the salmon.  This meal had my name all over it.

I loved how moist it was and how the layers just easily fell off. A lot of times i would get Salmon that has been over cooked, soupie, or just dry. every bite you would need water to push it down. However the Salmon Miso, is delicious as it looks and this for me was a winner. It is also very filling as the portions are not small. The smoked rootmash came all ready for the party. very different from your traditional mashed potatoes on a plate. it came all waved up. It was soft and just right.


Fish salsa just looked like a canvas with a painting on it. The layer of salsa which was mixed with olives and other vegetables made it look exotic.


This is also another healthy meal as it was baked.It is served with risotto and squash on the side.

The beef with mustard crust was medium rare and the meat was very tender and that one did not put up a fight either. It was soft and juicy. Not a crazy fan of red meat that is not properly cooked. But i must say the combination of the mustard and meat did make me rethink that decision. This was served with mushroom caramel sauce, vegetables and balsamic reduction. This would go well with a glass of a full bodied Carbernet Sauvignon


For more information please visit Tamarind

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