Easter Is Here!

Easter Is Here!


I have been waiting for the  Easter Holidays the way a dry tap waits for water. I think i just get so excited during this time because well i get to lock myself up somewhere or just go some place, i love Easter chocolate eggs and bunnies.


This is a childhood memory that always runs through my mind like it was just yesterday. When you are older there is no egg treasure hunt and also its really not such a big part of the culture here in Africa.


I was recently at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel in Nairobi and i noticed that they had made some amazing Chocolate Easter eggs at their deli.


They look super delish. I have to wonder if there is a treat inside. If you are looking at grabbing some Easter eggs for the holidays, it is never too late to stop by at Villa Rosa Kempinski.


Easter is a Christian Holiday signifying the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So as we celebrate and enjoy the chocolates, lets also remember why HE died on the cross.

Have a blessed Easter


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