Welcome to Ebulani’s World!

I always hate talking about myself. Finding it a bit strange. Weird! Very weird. Do I create this other person in my head that does not make sense to me or do I just go with the one that makes sense and force them down your throat? I like the 2nd option better. You can never be what you are not, and I am also not into acting. I don’t want to have more personalities than I can handle. Too confusing for any human being. Then at one point I ask myself, So who am I again?  Besides, I was born an original so will stick that way. Being a photo copy is beyond high school!

Blogging somehow found its way on my bucket list. And I have decided to make it part of my adventures which, I will share with you.  A journey through ebulani’s eyes.

So enjoy the world through the introverted extrovert’s eyes!